Sharon Chada, Ph.D.

      Clinical Psychology

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“What if you could understand yourself better, and then use that understanding to change the feelings or patterns bothering you--the ones that you haven't been able to change up until now? I believe we carry old ways of coping that used to make sense for us into the present, where they no longer work, and cause stress and pain. I am committed to helping individuals to answer the "Why?" and "How?" questions they ask themselves--"Why do I do this/feel this?" and "How can I feel/do better?"

Background and Qualifications:

Education:  I received my undergraduate degree in psychology at UCLA, graduating cum laude on the Dean’s Honor List.  I attended two graduate schools:  Clark University near Boston, MA, and California School of Professional Psychology, in San Diego, CA.  From Clark and CSPP I earned an M.A. in clinical psychology and a Ph.D. with Honors in clinical psychology. 

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My dissertation was “A Comparison of Mother-Infant, Father-Infant and Stranger-Infant Affect Attunement:  Characteristics and Consequences of Discrete Parenting Roles in Infant Affective Development.”  In plain English, I looked at parents who were "tuned in" to what their babies were feeling and studied how this helped very young children learn how to identify and communicate feelings. I chose this research for two reasons.  First, fathers were not included in a positive way in psychological research at that time, and I wanted to show their important contribution to parenting.  Second, many of my adult patients had a difficult time sorting through their feelings, identifying how they felt, putting the right label to describe their feelings or, others had difficulty correctly reading other people's feelings (for instance, they thought their spouse was angry when this was not so.)  For these two reasons, I decided to look at the roots of our learning about feelings, and include fathers and their babies in my design.

My experience is quite broad, ranging from locked wards at psychiatric hospitals to long-term residential treatment centers to community and college based treatment centers to private practice with a multitude of people in various walks of life including medicine, ministry and Fortune 500 companies.

I have two specialties.  I spend the majority of my time with the first:  practicing medium-to-long term psychodynamic psychotherapy, which relies on a supportive and respectful relationship of equals embarking on a mission to help you understand and make new choices.  Some of my patients find that psychoanalysis is the most helpful process for them, and I have graduated from the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute after six additional years of training in this specialty. More information can be found under the “About Dr. Chada” link above.

I also perform psychological testing and evaluation.  This involves the administration and interpretation of a battery of psychological tests, culminating in a written report explaining their findings.  More information on what type of testing services I provide (as well as those I don’t) can be found under the “About Dr. Chada” link above.



Some other things about me:

Credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Providers

Certified expert witness for court testimony

Conducted and published research at UCLA

Center for Psychoanalytic Studies Faculty 

Member of the Texas Psychological Association Disaster Response Network 

President of the Fort Bend County Psychological Association 2010-2012, 2016